Full Service Move

With this service we give you the full white glove treatment. We bring supplies to pack everything into boxes, load, drive, and unload everything to desired points inside your new place. This includes break down and reassembly of furniture. These moves need require an on-site estimate due to packing.

Local Move

Our local moves are usually a move that stays within a 30 mile distance and is in our region. These are done at an hourly rate with a minimum of two to three hours depending on the job. If your move travels out of the local range a travel fee may apply.

Long Distance

These are moves that take us out of our local distance and can also be cross country moves. Every long distance move requires a different approach so we like to do free on-site estimates for these. In the case that we cannot do an in-person estimate we can setup a video chat, photos of everything moving, or a detailed list of items being moved.

Labor Only

Our labor only moves include loading and/or unloading services for customers in their own trucks. We come with dollies and tools to complete these jobs.

Junk Haul

We offer local junk hauling for our community. This could include a complete clean out or just one piece.

Senior and Disabled Help

We pride ourselves on helping our community. That is especially true for those of us who need it the most. We will come out and help move things within your home, etc.

Hidden fees?

There are never any hidden fees. We are diligent in communicating everything with our customers upfront. In our hourly moves we do not charge extra for break down, reassembly, stairs, long walks, etc. These all add up in time so we do not double charge our customers for the same work. In our flat rate moves we assess everything before giving you our final quote.

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